Safety in Leather Crafting!

Last Monday I had my first major accident in 10 years of working with leather. I could not believe how many times I had missed slicing my hand off, or missed cutting off toes in my shop.  Here's how it happened...

It was around 10:30 am on September 29th. I was cutting into a beautiful piece of Napa leather for a bag with a rotary cutter when it jumped the straight edge and went into my left index nail and sliced my finger open. I wrapped my finger in my apron, grabbed my keys and headed to the ER at Northside Hospital. I think i broke every traffic law imaginable!  All I could think about the entire time was "am I going to lose my finger!?" I was HYSTERICAL.

Once there, I called my husband and he met me. They put my finger in iodine to soak and sutured it up. I kept my finger and just had some of the sutures out Monday. The ones in my nail bed are supposed to dissolve on their own. I won;t share a picture because I didn't take any and it's just really gruesome. But I know some of you sickos would love to see it!  Anyway, John ordered a chef's glove for me while we were waiting for Dr. Funk (she was amazing!) and I've been diligent about using it.


The biggest lesson I learned from this horrible experience is that you can never, ever be too careful. I must take my time to ensure my safety!