Continuous Inspiration....

I've been sick this week. Knocked out flat on my back sick with a cold. Ew. Not very inspiring.  One question that's been coming back to me lately is 'what's inspiring me when I can creatively "can't get it up"? It's very easy for me to say that nature, a change in seasons, a sunny day, or traveling inspire me. They always do. They're easy collaborators. But what really challenges me to dig deeper are other artists. When I see another bag maker kicking ass or a jewelry designer whom I've watched for years grow and evolve, it's pretty mind blowing. I don't see them taking a second job outside of their craft. I see them 'March'ing on (cheesy pun intended) and making what they make, to the best that they know how. 

I absolutely love laying on the couch at night and looking at instagram. Not stupid selfies. Not people twerking, mind you. People who do what I do. People who challenge me to be better. I get so inspired and fired up by other makers. Creative people are simply amazing. The good ones. The ones who are fully committed and invested in their craft, given it 100%. No half assing. Nothing makes me want to be better than feeling like a smaller fish in a big pond. That is definitely what's inspiring me at the moment.