Have you ever been to Los Angeles? I've been once before in 2008. John and I decided to do a two day side trip from a vacation to Las Vegas. Being the explorers that we are, our trip to LA went like this; we stayed in a bohemian hostel in Hollywood, took the train everywhere, walked, biked, and basically saw all we could in two days. It was before Uber and Instagram. Before avocado toast and acas bowls were a 'thing.' We cycled from Venice to Santa Monica. We walked to The Comedy Store. We bused to all the sites. We did the big LA things. I had a full time career and starting Margaret Vera was barely on my radar.

Fast forward to this week.  I find myself back in the City of Angels, doing what many people come here to do; make things happen in their business and personal pursuits. I am here this week making connections, networking, planning, exploring and of course, drinking coffee, trying acas bowls, nibbling on avocado toast and doing the 'things'.  I've hung out with friends and met with boutique owners in Hermosa Beach,  brainstormed a photoshoot campaign for my website at the Starbucks in El Segundo and somehow managed to book a content photoshoot (very last minute) in DTLA. All things as a result of being in action and moving past fear.

This time I've walked and enjoyed uber. We've even rented a car.  We rode the ferris wheel at Pier Park at night. We had Valentine's dinner at Mel's Drive In. Although we're staying in a modest hotel in Santa Monica, it's a far cry from nine years ago from the days of hostel living and riding the bus.

And even though I am not going to shut the door on my past or regret anything, this time around has been so much more enjoyable. Why? Because today I choose faith over fear.  I choose action. That's not easy, and its a far cry from an experience nine years ago.

Cheers to a great day, friends!