About MV


Designer and founder, Margaret “Meg” Vera Councilman was born in Oxford, England and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Meg’s love of design began at the age of 8, when she sold her first painting. Developing her own distinct style, Meg now seeks out beautiful and unusual materials influenced by her international background.  Today, Meg designs and produces her line of Margaret Vera artisan leather bags and accessories in her Atlanta studio.

Meg’s life as a leather artisan began as Awestrum Leather in Tampa Bay, FL, making custom guitar straps and dog collars. Quickly earning a loyal clientele through local craft shows, the business steadily grew. Meg returned to Atlanta, a move that marked the reinvention of the company. Noticing that most popular handbag brands were no longer manufactured in the United States, Meg became determined to offer something handcrafted and distinctive.  A love and passion for unique materials, accessory design, and leather crafting, drove Meg to launch Margaret Vera December 2011.

The heart of Margaret Vera beats in owner Meg Councilman’s Amercian soul and British roots. “To make something that embodies the free spirit of America and the character of my British heritage, is a joy,” says Meg. 

Each Margaret Vera accessory is handcrafted, with much of the line being made from reclaimed leather.  An alluring blend of rugged and soft, muted and bright; Margaret Vera handmade accessories have a distinct style that has attracted both domestic and international attention.

Margaret Vera strives to create beauty in the world, offering products that bring joy while making a difference.  Margaret Vera actively supports The ALS Association of GA by raising funds and awareness.  A portion of each MV purchase is donated to support ALS research.

Additionally, Margaret Vera embodies by the phrase ‘Waste Not, Want Not’ and any scrap leather that is too small to use in the crafting of accessories, is regularly donated to local organizations.

“Every piece of the giving puzzle adds up. Whether it is a tiny scrap of leather or raising funds for ALS. Making a difference is just part of what we do. It is truly blessing to do what you love and be able to make a positive impact.” - Meg Councilman, Owner