Packaging Matters

You may not believe it, but for the past eight years I have been only putting half-effort into my packaging. It's true. Shocking, I know. It's the first thing you see from me and the mailman, but in the past your bag has been in a beautiful cotton dust bag, sure, but there wasn't much beyond that besides a nice note. Recently, I decided to change my attitude and follow it up with action. I made the investment in my packaging.

I started with the idea of the box. For years, I thought any old box was fine. I searched out boxes of all shapes and sizes from neighbors and collected cardboard boxes as if they were gold. I wrapped the bag inside the dust bag and placed it in the reused box with a cute poem about how this box (probably crumpled, dented and possibly smelly) was environmentally friendly. Now, that may have fed on my delusions of mediocrity for a few years, but then I realized how important presentation has become.

Honestly, it was a hard investment to make. I decided on a white box from that I'd stamp with my logo, dress up with tissue paper and ribbon. Not just any ribbon, I'd foil my logo on the ribbon. A friend is still debating me on the most cost effective way to give that branded look on the ribbon; "just logo the tips" - I'll consider it. Top it off with a personal handwritten thank you note and a couple of business cards and we're set. This is packaging I can be proud of.

So this is what I've come up with (below). Why? Because branding matters. Because you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Because it was long overdue. Because if a customer is spending good money on a product, they deserve to be WOWED. (I think of Apple and how I hang onto every piece of packaging for years). Enjoy!

xx, Meg